Act 5 – Manifesting Narratives

Reading the text, S’Kop by Tanya Zack, the author narratives the story of the life of the relatively unseen -yet known- bovine butchers of the Johannesburg CBD. Thus, the aim of this exercise was to translate the narrative into visual manifestation based on my understanding of the text. But in respect of 5 themes: Lives, Interdependencies, Atmosphere,  Infrastructure and Landscape.

Kitchen Encroachment

In further expanding the narrative, I have taken great interest in the story of Elizabeth, a Nigerian migrant, who finds herself in Johannesburg running a bovine skins enterprise in a male dominated context. I speculated that she then finds herself in Ivory Park, where the spatialising of enterprise takes its own form. So in order for her to establish her enterprise, she finds opportunity in the business of front yard renting, which is owner-of-the-plot governed. This interesting play of ownership freedoms that come with a local person owning land and establishing governance through the structure of an RDP house.

Going into the next semester, I will look to further explore enterprise spatial negotiation possibilities that take place due to the agency of foreigners in a local space. Whereby an architecture of negotiation, user defined, begins to form. In essence, stating case that in Ivory Park, the architecture does not occur without the need from the user. And rather, builds and changes as the needs arise.

2016.06.15_Iilonga, Natache_Act 5-Manifesting Narratives_Drawing_Proposition Collage – high res2016.06.15_Iilonga, Natache_Act 5-Manifesting Narratives_Drawing_Plan – high res2016.06.15_Iilonga, Natache_Act 5-Manifesting Narratives_Drawing_Section – high res2016.06.15_Iilonga, Natache_Act 5-Manifesting Narratives_Drawing_Narrative Spatialisation – high res2016.06.15_Iilonga, Natache_Act 5-Manifesting Narratives_Drawing_Agency – high res

See the narrative upload as well as my semester synthesis on the YouTube links below:

Act 5 concludes our first semester and provides a premise for the projects to be done in our second semester.


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